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10 of the Rarest Works in Norlin Library's Special Collections & Archives

Darwin's origin of species

  1. A leaf from a Latin Bible, "The Dragon Leaf," 1240 CE
  2. A leaf from a Gutenberg Bible, 1450-1455 CE 
  3. A collection of works by Katibi of Nishapur, c. 1600 CE   
  4. Handwritten Latin Bible from Paris, 1210-1220 CE
  5. North African handwritten collection of devotions, with chapters of the Quran 
  6. Collection of astronomical tables by scholars working under Alfonso X of Castile
  7. The Mercator Atlas, 10th edition, published in 1630 CE
  8. Darwin's On the Origin of Species, 1859 CE
  9. Deed from the Court of Augmentations, Edward VI (son of Henry VIII), 1547 CE
  10. Legal account book of anti-slavery lawyer, Caleb Sipple Layton, in Georgetown, Delaware, 1846-1882 CE

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Photo by Lauren Price