Published: Dec. 1, 2016 By

Eric Gershon

Eric Gershon 

We all know change can be hard, but sometimes it’s cause for celebration. Witness CU football’s exhilarating performance this fall.

As of early November, the long struggling Buffs were 7-2 and headed to a college bowl game for the first time in a decade (see page 49). You’ll also find updates at

Another welcome turn of events is the debut of CU Boulder’s space minor, which is open to students of every major (see page 9).

Always evolving is the Coloradan. As we labor over the print edition that most readers still favor, we’re working to ensure the magazine is handy whenever you want it, wherever you are. Find new and archived stories on the web.

Indeed, because the website has proven more popular than our mobile app, we’ve discontinued the app in favor of extra web content.

The video paired with this issue’s story about therapy dogs (“Stress Relief,” page 37) is an example of that. Try to watch it without cracking a smile.