Published: June 1, 2016 By

Eric Gershon

Eric Gershon

CU-Boulder always gives Shakespeare his due, especially in summer, when it hosts the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Even so, the Bard will be an extra vivid presence on campus this year. 

In August the CU Art Museum hosts a touring copy of the First Folio of 1623 — the first printed collection of Shakespeare’s plays and an almost sacred book in Western letters. No copy exists in Colorado. Coming to see it (admission is free) will bring you tantalizingly close to the Shakespeare his friends knew. See the story on page 33 with illustration by New Yorker contributor Anita Kunz.

As you brush up on Hamlet, the Grammy Award-winning Takács Quartet will be fine-tuning its renditions of all 17 Beethoven quartets. We take you inside a rehearsal with the CU-based group.

The arts and the sciences alike are thriving at CU. A campus conference in September will blend them: It’s called “Shakespeare and Science.”