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Eric Gershon

Eric Gershon

From time to time, a person appears among us with a blend of qualities that seems possible only in theory — talent, courage, adaptability, generosity, perseverance, loyalty. We notice.

For Coloradans, Buffs especially, Chauncey Billups (Soc ex’99) has been an inspiration, and still is. Now he’s home again.

The Denver-born CU basketball star recently retired after 17 seasons in the NBA. He won a championship, played twice for his hometown Nuggets and lived up to his moniker, “Mr. Big Shot.” Veteran Colorado sports writer Neill Woelk (Jour’82) reviews how Billups earned the affection of his state and his school, and what might come next.

Here we also explore how a national explosion of student interest in computer science is manifesting at CU-Boulder, aided by the faculty’s creative response.

You’ll meet the first women to attend CU — sisters — an alumnus who keeps Disneyland spiffy and safe and a lacrosse star majoring in one of the toughest subjects CU offers. These are your people.

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Eric Gershon