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flags for conference world affairsPlan your trip to Boulder this spring to attend exciting and informative panels, plenaries and performances at this year’s 65th annual Conference on World Affairs April 8-12. The best part? It’s free and open to the public.

Started in 1948 by late sociology professor Howard Higman (Art’31, MSoc’42),  panelists have included Eleanor Roosevelt, film critic Roger Ebert, vice president Joe Biden, jazz singer Lillian Bouté and broadcast journalist Maria Hinojosa.

“At a time when famous speakers can pull down $10,000 to $25,000 for an hour’s work, this would seem like an offer they could refuse.”

— Film critic Roger Ebert, one of the conference’s longstanding superstars, referring to the CWA panelists in his introduction to the co-authored 1998 book Higman: A Collection (Thomas Berryhill Press)

Join the festivities with an eclectic group of 100 speakers and performers as they spark conversation and debate by addressing hot topics related to technology, arts, international affairs, medicine, media, science, the environment and politics.

Seven Intriguing Panels from 2012

  1. Coming Home: The Wounds of War
  2. From Arab Spring to Nuclear Winter
  3. No Future for Millennials: Even Your Parents Think You’re Screwed
  4. Reality TV: Wife Swap to Weight Loss
  5. The Myth of American Exceptionalism
  6. How Jews and Gays Built Hollywood
  7. Is Anybody Normal?

Panelist Particulars

  • Cannot be Colorado residents
  • Housed by Boulder families
  • Never paid
  • Transported by students to and from the airport

For conference details and the schedule, visit The schedule will be finalized in March. Hotel Boulderado offers discounts to those who attend the CWA.