Published: June 1, 2009 By

tori peglar

Under deep blue skies, I watched 5,282 students graduate on May 8, joined by more than 100 members of the class of 1959 who seemed so fit I’ve decided being a Buff is a passport to the fountain of youth. Speaking of youth, two examples of CU’s outstanding caliber of graduates are Eric Eason (ApMath, EngrPhys’09) and Ryan Kramer (Aero’09) who arrived on campus at ages 13 and 14, respectively, and head to graduate school next fall. Wow!

Our incredible web guru Doug Wray has been working hard on our new interactive online version of the Coloradan to be launched July 1. It contains all of the engaging print magazine content, as well as web exclusives of breaking news stories, photo galleries and coverage of books written by alumni and faculty. Comment fields below each story enable you to post your thoughts.