Published: March 1, 2009 By

tori peglarWhen Sgt. Geoffrey Melvin described searching for explosives in Iraqi palm tree groves, I felt as if I was beside him. During our conversation in the UMC, the environmental studies major brought to life his combat experiences while nearby students chatted absentmindedly on their cell phones and did their homework. Through his words I caught a glimpse of what it’s like to fight a war, return home and realize life goes on, even as your mind suffers what writer Barbara Kingsolver has called “a jet lag of consciousness.”

Melvin and others navigate the gulf between civilian and military life every day at CU (see Pages 8-13). Their values, as well as those of the alums and students in this issue, exemplify being a Forever Buff: giving back, adventure, pride and love of learning. Forever Buffs, our new model, aims to create lifelong CU relationships beginning the moment students step foot on campus (see Page 54).