Donor generosity plays a critical role in the success of College of Media, Communication and Information.

We are proud to recognize the inaugural Dean’s Leadership Society, individuals who donated $1,000 or more during our most recent fiscal year (July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018), for their extraordinary generosity.

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Questions? Contact Henry Attaway, Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations, via email or at 303-735-3885.

Dean’s Cabinet ($5,000 and above)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Active Interest Media
  • Carol and John Berg
  • Barbara and Bill Burgess
  • Vinton Cerf
  • Lise and Stan Duran
  • Katherin (Jour'59) and Duane Howell
  • Heidi (Advert'72) and Randy Keogh
  • Thom Kuhn (Jour'81) and Dianne O'Connell
  • Nonie Lann (Jour'48)
  • Dave (Engl'81) and Danni Lougee
  • Estate of George J & Elizabeth Park Robinson
  • Brian Schroy (MediaSt'11)
  • Tana Schultz
  • Bill and Kathy Scripps
  • Cindy Scripps
  • Scripps Howard Foundation
  • Nancy Spencer (Anth'84) and Hardy Callcott
  • Heidi L. Wagner, J.D.  (Jour'86)

Dean’s Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

  • Mark (Geog'60) and Polly Addison (Art'58)
  • Barbara Catherall
  • John Estabrook (Advert'75)
  • Linda and Joel Fishman
  • Eileen and Christopher La Mendola

Dean’s Club ($1,000 - $2,499)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Mark Amerika and Fran Nelson
  • Kimberly and Eric Belcher (Advert'79)
  • Lori Bergen and Charles Mangano
  • Brian Cameron (Comm'08)
  • Colorado Rural Electric Association
  • Tom (Jour'87) and Astrid Costello
  • Peter (Advert'83) and Wendy DeLuca
  • Laurie and Morris Denton (MJour'95)
  • Andrew Doyle (Comm'96)
  • First Congregational Church, UCC
  • Kelly (Advert'97) and George Graziadei
  • Carolyn (Jour'91) and Neil Jeffries (Fin'89)
  • Carol and Robert Kornfeld
  • John and Jean Lansing
  • Peter Lasser (Comm'76) and Cynthia Potter
  • Jonathan Lyon and Jane Nathan
  • Garda and John Meyer
  • John D. Meyer (Jour'71)
  • Dara and Robin Miles (Jour'78)
  • Movement Strategy
  • Rebecca Frank (Jour'71) and George Orbanek (MJour'75)
  • Jim (Mktg'85) and Suzanne Packer (Span'86)
  • Education Private Foundation
  • Deborah Ross (Jour'79) and John Leach (Jour'74, MJour'79)
  • Alan (Comm'74) and Cheri Rubin
  • Norm (Advert'97) and Dawn Shearer
  • Linda Shoemaker (Jour'69) and Steve Brett
  • Kirk Siegler (Jour'00)
  • Tom (Jour'98) & René Stilwell
  • Jeffrey (Comm'95) and Kristin Tahler
  • Tata America International Corp.
  • Grant Van Every (Jour'87)
  • Barbara and Paul Voakes
  • Anne (Fren'75) and Brian Waidmann (Jour'75)
  • Tom (Jour'75) and Nobuko Walek
  • Bill Weintraub
  • Kelly (Jour'85, Ger'05) and Chris Wheeler
  • Thomas (Jour'85, MEduc'55) and Lois Worcester (A&S'51)

We strive to provide a complete and accurate list. Please contact us should you notice an error or omission.