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A Matrix-style eye on a screen.

Virtual homesteaders built an internet of ‘little autocracies.’ Is digital democracy doomed?

Feb. 20, 2024

A new book from Nathan Schneider argues that attempts to impose democracy on the internet have failed for cultural and technical reasons. But what if we used it as a tool to solve these problems?

Taylor Swift at a Chiefs game

‘No girls allowed’: What the Taylor Swift backlash says about football and politics

Feb. 8, 2024

This year, the pop megastar has become a regular at Kansas City Chiefs NFL games, but not everyone is happy about seeing her on screen. Teaching Associate Professor Jamie Skerski gives her take on why Swift is facing such a backlash, and how it reflects a boys-only culture in the world of football.

A book open to its center, with the pages curled up to look like hearts.

Labor of love: What romance writing can teach us about thriving in the gig economy

Feb. 6, 2024

Romance authors were early adopters of digital self-publishing. A new book explores how their willingness to experiment and their close networks helped them thrive when the publishing industry shunned their work.

An analog TV with the set turned to snow.

For legacy media studios, streaming has dried up revenue. Can they change the channel?

Feb. 1, 2024

In its ongoing conquest of legacy media studios, the tech industry made use of a very old playbook.

An illustration of the Capitol building cracked in two, representing political infighting.

As election season approaches, journalism needs a look in the mirror. That’s not up for debate

Jan. 8, 2024

“The U.S. news media has blood on its hands from 2016,” Mike McDevitt says. Will 2024 be different?

A bible being dropped into a ballot box with an American flag in the background.

Cross-purpose: CMCI conference will explore global rise of religious nationalism 

Jan. 4, 2024

A four-day conference on the rise of religious nationalism—and the media’s role in the spread of news and meaning around these topics—comes to CU Boulder in January.

A.I.-generated image of Mickey Mouse toting a gun that came out of a violin case.

The mouse is out, and running loose on A.I.

Jan. 3, 2024

Generative A.I. tools and copyright law are intersecting in the 1928 “Steamboat Willie” cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse. An expert in tech ethics says it’s just the start.

Headlines from recent mass shootings overlaid on top of an illustration of a gun.

Thoughts and prayers? In mass shootings, reporters need to think compassion and care

Dec. 11, 2023

There’s no playbook for covering mass shootings. But that may soon change, as Elizabeth Skewes studies how the media can tell the right story—by being more considerate to victims and survivors.

Jo Marras Tate

Biology tells a story about the natural world. What about communication?

Nov. 9, 2023

Jo Marras Tate studied biology to work in science. She got her PhD in communication in order to mediate change.

Steven Frost in front of a Pride flag he created that's on display in the CU Art Museum.

For professor and textile artist, real-world voices offer purls of wisdom

Oct. 26, 2023

Weaving is a fitting love of Steven Frost, whose work as an artist and professor is all about tying seemingly disparate things together.