PhD Student

Hailing from the eastern part of India, Shrey received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in commerce. She worked in India for 15 years in the service and higher education sectors as a marketing, communication, and public relations professional. Shrey speaks three languages and understands three more, like many Indians.

While working in the STEM higher education sector, which is dominated by male presence and leadership, Shrey felt the need to focus on gender equity and representation in communication. She came to the US in fall 2021 and completed a master’s degree in mass communication from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Her research focus has been on women of color. She created a website featuring stories of people of color. Her master's thesis was on symbolic annihilation of Native American women in news. She also spent three months with the Winnebago tribe of Nebraska interning at their economic development organization Ho-Chunk, Inc.

Shrey further studied web analytics and content analysis. She is looking forward to putting together these aspects along with data analytics, feminist and journalism theories in her research work. As she continues her relationship with words and data, Shrey wakes up to new possibilities each day for data-based solution journalism and social media content marketing.

Beyond academics, Shrey is a solivagant, hiker, food explorer and pursues cultural anthropology. She likes growing cactus. Shrey is an agnostic often conflicted between naturalism, pantheism and subjectivism.