Oana Suteu KhintirianOana Suteu Khintirian’s work encompasses films, responsive environments, installation and media scenography, Oana worked in North America, Europe and Australia, her films have been screened in film festivals around the world.

For over fifteen years, she collaborated with the National Film Board of Canada as a director, editor, mentor and consultant. The films she worked on have been broadcast on Canadian national television (Radio Canada, CBC, Documentary Channel, TVOntario, Bravo!, ICI artv) as well as internationally (BBC, Channel 4, ARTE, TF1, TV5, PBS, ABC, SBS, RAI).

Her films have received prizes from Montreal's International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), Moving Pictures in Toronto, Golden Prague International Festival and a Prix Italia for Creativity. She has equally been nominated by the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television for direction and editing.

As a media artist, she participated in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Montreal, Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt and Image Forum, Tokyo, among others.


Materialities of Memory

Working at the intersection of experimental filmmaking and nonfiction cinema, Jessica Bardsley's short films feature highly crafted first-person narratives and fictionalized personal accounts. Bardsley uses the term "autofiction" to describe this synthesis of fiction and autobiography, opening onto a larger consideration of how popular narratives and images come to be lived and take on reality. From Winona Ryder's shoplifting arrest after filming Girl, Interrupted to the infamous road trip of Thelma and Louise, visual culture operates as a mirror through which to examine personal questions of larger social significance, from gender-based violence to mental health.