Published: May 5, 2021

CHI logo.Faculty and students affiliated with the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder (across multiple other departments, including Computer Science and ATLAS) have published work associated with the CHI 2021 conference, the premiere venue for research in human-computer interaction, including 10 journal-equivalent  papers. The conference is virtual this year, and most publications are available in the ACM Digital Library.

Full Papers

Self-deStaining Textiles: Designing Interactive Systems with Fabric, Stains and Light
Fiona Bell (ATLAS PhD Student), Alice Hong, Andreea Danielescu, Aditi Maheshwari, Ben Greenspan, Hiroshi Ishii, Laura Devendorf (INFO/ATLAS Faculty), Mirela Alistar (CS/ATLAS Faculty)

"It's Complicated": Negotiating Accessibility and (Mis)Representation in Image Descriptions of Race, Gender, and Disability [Honorable Mention Award]
Cynthia L Bennett, Cole Gleason, Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD Student), Jeffrey P Bigham, Anhong Guo, Alexandra To

The Fundamental Uncertainties of Mothering: Finding Ways to Honor Endurance, Struggle, and Contradiction
Laura Devendorf (INFO/ATLAS Faculty), Kristina Andersen, Aisling Kelliher

Grand Challenges in Immersive Analytics
Barrett Ens, Benjamin Bach, Maxime Cordeil, Ulrich Engelke, Marcos Serrano, Wesley Willett, Arnaud Prouzeau, Christoph Anthes, Wolfgang Büschel, Cody Dunne, Tim Dwyer, Jens Grubert, Jason Haga, Nurit Kirshenbaum, Dylan Kobayashi, Tica Lin, Monsurat Olaosebikan, Fabian Pointecker, David Saffo, Nazmus Saquib, Dieter Schmalstieg, Danielle Albers Szafir (CS/ATLAS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty), Matt Whitlock (CS PhD Student), Yalong Yang

Exploring Technology Design for Students with Vision Impairment in the Classroom and Remotely
Vinitha Gadiraju (CS PhD Student), Olwyn Doyle (CS Undergrad Alum), Shaun Kane (CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)

Designing Effective Interview Chatbots: Automatic Chatbot Profiling and Design Suggestion Generation for Chatbot Debugging
Xu Han (PhD Alum), Michelle Zhou, Matthew J Turner, Tom Yeh (CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)

danceON: Culturally Responsive Creative Computing [Honorable Mention Award]
William Christopher Payne (CS MS alum), Yoav Bergner, Mary Etta West (CS PhD Student), Carlie Charp (ATLAS Undergrad), R. Benjamin Shapiro (CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty), Danielle Albers Szafir (CS/ATLAS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty), Edd V. Taylor, Kayla DesPortes

Revisiting Gendered Web Forms: An Evaluation of Gender Inputs with (Non-)Binary People
Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD Student), Aaron Jiang (INFO PhD Alum), Katta Spiel, Jed R. Brubaker (INFO Faculty)

Understanding Data Accessibility for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities [Best Paper Award]
Keke Wu (ATLAS PhD Student), Emma Petersen (ATLAS MS Student), Tahmina Ahmad (ATLAS Undergrad), David Burlinson (ATLAS Postdoc), Shea Tanis (Coleman Institute), Danielle Albers Szafir (ATLAS/CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)

Parental Mediation for Young Children’s Use of Educational Media: A Case Study with Computational Toys and Kits 
Junnan Yu (INFO PhD Candidate), Andrea DeVore (ATLAS Undergrad Alum), Ricarose Roque (INFO Faculty)

Other Publications

From The Art of Reflection to The Art of Noticing: A Shifting View of Self-Tracking Technologies' Role in Supporting Sustainable Food Practices Late-Breaking Work
Janghee Cho (INFO PhD Student), Laura Devendort (INFO/ATLAS Faculty), Stephen Voida (INFO Faculty)

Queer in HCI: Strengthening the Community of LGBTQIA+ Researchers and Research 
Special Interest Group
Michael Ann DeVito (INFO Postdoc), Caitlin Lustig, Ellen Simpson, Kimberley R Allison, Tya Chuanromanee, Katta Spiel, Amy J Ko, Jennifer Rode, Brianna Dym (INFO PhD Candidate), Michael Muller, Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD Student), Ashley Marie Walker, Jed R. Brubaker (INFO Faculty), Alex A. Ahmed

Breaking out of the Lab: Mitigating Mind Wandering with Gaze-Based Attention-Aware Technology in Classrooms 
Late-Breaking Work
Stephen Hutt (CS PhD Alum), Kristina Krasich, James R. Brockmole, Sidney D'Mello (CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)

Black Twitter as a Research Site
Position Paper
Workshop on Social Media as a Design and Research Site in HCI: Mapping Out Opportunities and Envisioning Future Uses.
Shamika Klassen

Co-designing Resources for Ethics Education in HCI 
Ajit G. Pillai, A. Baki Kocaballi, Tuck Wah Leong, Rafael A Calvo, Nassim Parvin, Katie Shilton, Jenny Waycott, Casey Fiesler (INFO Faculty), John C. Havens, Naseem Ahmadpour

Protest Privacy Recommendations: An Analysis of Digital Surveillance Circumvention Advice During Black Lives Matter Protests 
Late-Breaking Work
Kandrea Wade, Jed R. Brubaker, Casey Fiesler

Immersive Design Reviews through Situated Qualitative Feedback 
Position Paper
Evaluating User Experiences in Mixed Reality Workshop
Matt Whitlock, Danielle Albers Szafir