Published: Feb. 17, 2020

Laurids Andersen Sonne screened his film Passerine in Time at the Sharjah Film Platform held at the Sharjah Art Foundation in December 2019. His film Monolithography was shown at Revolutions Per Minute in Boston on Feb. 2.

Roberto Azaretto's solo piano work, lago. paisajismo abstracto. 2., was performed by Bruno Mesz on Dec. 15 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of the Tempus Fugit Art Festival.

Kimberley Bianca recently designed scenography and performed audiovisual media for Kurtág - Attila József Fragments, along with opera singer Judit Molnar, on Nov. 29 in Brisbane, Australia. For her second semester in the ETMAP PhD, she is launching circuitBoard, a series of media arts meetups for prototyping in a collaborative environment to encourage dialogue around sustainable use of technology in the arts. The first meetup is at Boulder Public Library on Feb. 24 and is open to participants.

Bentley Brown’s feature film Revolution from Afar made its world premiere at the Sudan Independent Film Festival, in partnership with the Goethe Institut, in January. The film depicts Sudanese-American musical artists in a discussion around third culture identity and the 2019 revolution in Sudan, from which they were physically cut off. Also in January, Bentley completed his second trip to the Red Sea Lodge filmmaking residency hosted by the Torino Film Lab in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In December, Bentley's short film Terrorist Number Four, a satire of racial profiling in the film industry, won an Award of Recognition at Taiwan's Formosa Film Festival; his sound project The Sounds of Black Holes Colliding, exploring the sonification of gravitational wave data released by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, was exhibited in the Production Methods Showcase.

Eliseo Ortiz will present his most recent piece, Mexico I USA, at the International Symposium for Visual Culture 2020, to be held in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and at CICA Museum in South Korea. He is currently in the review phase on his article, “(Re)constructing the political space of the jigsaw puzzle,” to be published in Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture.

Toma Peiu completed two months of preliminary dissertation fieldwork and production in Brooklyn, New York. In January, he and educator and writer Nelesi Rodriguez (University of Pittsburgh) facilitated the workshop Is “There” Necessarily Not “Here”? A Study of Home at Imagined Borders, Epistemic Freedoms, the international conference of the Center for Media, Religion and Culture and SIMAGINE. With Professor Teri Rueb, he will contribute to the workshop Artistic Practice in the Research University, convened by the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University, in February 2020. In March, Toma will be a featured speaker at the CMCI One College Symposium - Immigration and Borders: Politics of Movement and Poetics of the Frontier. Over the Spring, his ViewMaster piece, Message in a Bottle, will be a part of Three River Stories, a community exhibition in Shamaldy-Sai, Kyrgyzstan and Qazaly, Kazakhstan. With geographer Maria Hagan (Cambridge University) he has convened and will be co-chairing “Mapping the Migrant Experience: Places, Affect and Imaginaries from the Margins,” a mixed-methods panel at the joint biennial conference of the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Royal Geographical Society - The British Museum / SOAS, in June. With long-term collaborator, Root Films co-founder and Department of Critical Media Practices Lecturer Luiza Parvu he continues to work on the feature documentary film Ubi Bene Ibi Patria, and on the development stages of an ethno-fiction feature on fieldwork, gender and surveillance. The two recently collaborated with choreographer Kristen Holleyman on her short film A Palavra.

Justin Trupiano’s visual simulation of fluid flow was recently unveiled as part of a permanent installation for the lobby of the new Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building. Other visualizations by Trupiano are currently on display at the Fiske Planetarium, including an interactive display of the surface of the sun and a 3D LED cube showing the connection of earth’s magnetic fields to the aurora.