Published: Feb. 7, 2017

News about Communication faculty, student and staff doings

Patrick Bujold, MA student, will be presenting two papers at the annual conference of the Western States Communication Association: “Macabre Images: Picturing Climate Change,” and “Melodrama and Climate Change: Nadarev “Yeb” Saño’s COP19 Address.”

Emma Collins, MA student, and Rebecca Rice, PhD student, published an annotated bibliography for Integrated Remote and In Situ Sensing (IRISS) program at CU. It is titled Annotated Bibliography on UAVs and the Social Sciences and can be found online here.

Bob Craig, Professor Emeritus, gave a talk in January at the University of Haifa, Israel. The title of his talk was “For a Practical Discipline.”

Joanne Esch, PhD student, is presenting a paper to the Theory and Research Interest Group at WSCA titled "Approaches to studying legal and organizational authority: Key issues and future directions."  She also did a presentation titled "A Model for Restorative Probation Supervision) at the Restorative Justice in Motion Conference in Vail, CO in September.

Constance Gordon, PhD Student, will present her paper, “Cooking for Water Protectors: Food and Resurgence at Standing Rock” at the Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Graduate Student Research Showcase. She also recently presented the following papers: “Radical Renters and Evicted Tenants: Articulating Belonging, History, and Home in the Era of Airbnb” at the 2016 American Studies Association Annual Meeting in Denver, CO and “Place-Based Transgressions and Community Controlled Ecology from Oakland to Philadelphia” at the 2016 Urban Communication Foundation Preconference in Philadelphia, PA.

Laurie Gries, Assistant Professor, published “Mapping Obama Hope: A Data Visualization Project for Visual Rhetorics” inKairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 21(2), 2016.

Elyse Janish, PhD student, is chairing a panel at WSCA on diversity and inclusivity at academic conferences. The panel is based on discussion and action planning and Elyse’s contribution, co-created with Dr. Krista Kennedy from Syracuse University, will cover budgeting for disability accommodations.

Jody Jahn, Assistant Professor, had her manuscript with Anne Black titled "A Model of Communicative and Hierarchical Foundations of High Reliability Organizing in Wildland Firefighting Teams" accepted for publication in Management Communication Quarterly. A version of this manuscript also was a 2016 Top Paper in the Org Comm division at NCA in Philadelphia. Jody also received $5000 from the University of Colorado's Space Minor. to develop a course on team communication, organizing processes, and membership in extreme team environments.

Matt Koschmann, Associate Professor, received a Fulbright scholars award to the Philippines for 2018 during his upcoming sabbatical semester.  He and his family will be based at Anteneo de Manila University in Quezon City where he will work in the Development Studies Program as part of the School of Social Sciences.  He will continue his work on civil society collaboration, developing case studies of disaster risk management and social service provision in the greater Manila area.

Tim Kuhn, Professor, edited a volume with S. Fransden and M Lundhot, Counter-narratives and Organizations (2017, Routledge). In the volume he published two chapters, an introduction with the other co-editors and a chapter titled, “Communicatively constituting organizational unfolding through counter-narratives.”

Kathryn Leslie, PhD student, will be presenting a paper from her Master’s thesis, “Color Outside the Lines: Exploring Student Participation Through Creative Analytic Practice” at the Western States Communication Association conference.

Jeanette Musselwhite, PhD student, is presenting a paper, “How Can We Institute Positive Communication Pedagogy Within the Basic Course” at the Western States Communication Association conference.

Katie Peters, PhD student, was chosen to receive CMCI's Gerald C. Bean Memorial Scholarship.

Rebecca Rice, PhD student, will be presenting the paper, “When Deliberation Fails: Engaging in National Security through Creative Citizenship" at the Western States Communication Association conference.

Andi Nicole Watkins Davis Savage, MA student, is presenting a paper, “Voicing the sacred: Polyphony and the (re)creation of sacred church texts through storytelling” at Western States Communication Association Convention, in Salt Lake City, Utah, in February.

Ted Striphas, Associate Professor, became co-editor of the journalCultural Studies in December. Cultural Studies is an international journal which explores the relation between cultural practices, everyday life, material, economic, political, geographical and historical context.

Karen Tracy, Professor, gave a keynote presentation at the conference, “Deeds not Words” at the University of Haifa in Israel in January. The title of her talk was, “Reasonable Hostility: Its Origin and Evolution as a Norm of Conduct.”