Published: Jan. 17, 2017

The graduate student body of CMCI has officially formed a student association to support the needs of CMCI graduate students. The CMCI GSA will represent all CMCI departments and will work in conjunction with the already-existing Communication GSA, which represents the Department of Communication students.

The CMCI GSA will serve as an important forum for developing personal and professional relationships between graduate students; fostering a sense of community and support; representing the voices of all graduate students through various departments; supporting diversity and engaging in service activities; communicating relevant information to the graduate student body; and assisting with recruitment, orientation, and integration of incoming and current graduate students.

While several key positions are elected, the remainder of the GSA leadership will comprise of volunteer teams of students serving the organization in specific capacities. 

At our Jan. 10, 2017 meeting, the CMCI GSA determined the leadership of this organization as follows:

Elected Positions

  • Co-President (PhD): Christopher Barnes
  • Co-President (MA): Elizabeth Allen
  • Treasurers: Art Bamford and Colin Ackerman
  • Graduate Student Representative at Faculty Councils: Rachel Watson

Non-Elected Positions

  • Student Service and Engagement: Ashley Campbell and Amanda Rodriguez
  • Academic and Professional Events: Krissy Peterson and Gino Canella
  • Office Aesthetics and Functionality: Tara Walker
  • Human Resources/Labor: Patrick Johnson and Lexi DeConing
  • Diversity & Outreach: Yukai Chen and Jeffrey Goodwin
  • Historian/Archivists: Chelsea Daggett and Jaime Kirtz