Published: Dec. 2, 2016

Google News Lab University Network LogoProfessors and students at CMCI are about to get a new level of support when using Google products in their work. CMCI is among the initial cohort of 46 global journalism schools forming the newly announced Google News Lab University Network.

As a member of the Network, CMCI faculty members will gain access to online training materials and in-person instruction for the entire suite of Google tools, such as Google Search, Google Trends, Google Maps and Google Earth, among others. Professors and instructors will be meeting with employees from Google's News Lab to discuss the specific needs at CMCI and develop ways to reach those goals.

"It's an incredible opportunity for our students, this chance to partner with such a renowned resource," said Ross Taylor, a visiting journalism professor who is involved with the project. "We're very grateful that Google has chosen to partner with us. We feel this will help our students become even more competitive."

Personally, Taylor is excited to learn more about Google's data visualization tools. In his classes, he wants to teach students how to quickly tell stories with large sets of data.

Learn more about the Google News Lab University Network in this post from the Google News Lab.