Published: April 26, 2016 By

Steven FrostCMCI and Art & Art History Instructor Steven Frost is proud to bring the Sewing Rebellion to Colorado. In a partnership with the Boulder Public Library BLDG 61 makerspace, Frost will host ongoing monthly sessions of the Colorado Sewing Rebellion

Participants in the Colorado Sewing Rebellion are invited to emancipate themselves from the global garment industry by learning how to alter, mend and make their own garments and accessories. Founded by Frau Fiber in 2006, the Sewing Rebellion shares knowledge of the garment industry, pattern making and sewing to encourage the reuse, renovation and recycling of existing garments and textiles in the creation of unique items tailored to individual tastes and body shapes. 

Participants are asked to bring pants to mend, garments to alter, sewing problems which need solutions and old pieces of cloth to combat the use of plastic bags—by producing an East German shopping bag. Other knockoff patterns are also on hand. This month, in commemoration of International Worker's Day, participants will be making their own nail aprons.

The Sewing Rebellion began at Mess Hall, in Chicago. It was hosted at Mess Hall for one year, before becoming itinerant in May 2007. The Sewing Rebellion has since been held at Fancy Tiger in Denver; Recycle for the Arts in New Orleans, Louisiana; The Smockshop in Los Angeles, CA, and the John Michael Kohler Art Center inSheboygan WI. Ongoing Sewing Rebellions are currently being held in Long Beach, California, Asheville, North Carolina, and Seattle, Washington.

More information and registration for events can be found on the Colorado Sewing Rebellion Facebook Page.