Our Core Values

  • Transformative Educational Opportunities. Provide interactive intercultural and social justice educational workshops to promote students’ growth and development, to broaden their worldview, and to transform their perception of self through purposeful and meaning interactions with others and thoughtful reflection.

  • Intersectional Identity, Personal and Intercultural Development. Provide ongoing support to underserved populations via identity affirmation activities, which are fundamental to students’ psychological well-being, sense of validation, intercultural competence and ability to reach their full potential.

  • Service. Provide experiential learning opportunities to build a community of scholars committed to service, and to promote transformational growth and social justice in action.

  • Cross-Cultural Engagement. Provide cultural programming to educate, engage and provide/build community for and between the diverse student populations on campus.

Our Goals

  • To support the retention of students from multiple identities by empowering student growth and development.

  • To cultivate a sense of belonging by nurturing innovative spaces that educate and celebrate diverse communities.

  • To foster campuswide collaborations that provide high-impact transformative experiences to enhance cultural competencies.

CISC is part of the Division of Student Affairs.