Transitioning guide

Transitioning Guide

Information about housing, community, name/gender changes, transitioning, health and more!

Pronoun Guide

Helpful tips on using the correct pronouns when interacting with others.

Gender Neutral Bathroom Map

All the campus locations of gender-neutral bathrooms.

Gender Neutral Housing

There are many things to consider when thinking about housing as an LGBTQ person. Here we lay out some things you should think about when applying for housing.

– Is it important for you to live where other LGBTQ students live in a community that is supportive and and celebrates diversity? If so then Spectrum would be a good option for you. Spectrum is a dedicated wing in Hallett hall designated for LGBTQ identifying students and their allies. It is part of a living and learning community (LLC). Spectrum has gender neutral restrooms and showers and students may room with different gendered students.

–Are you trans and want to live with trans roommates? You can do this pretty easily in Spectrum where there are more trans roommates to choose from. In other halls there may not be as many trans students so it is best to talk with Occupancy Management and ask if that is a possibility in your hall.

–Are you trans and want to go stealth and live with cisgender roommates? You can also live in this arrangement. However, not all floors have gender neutral bathrooms and that might affect how comfortable you are using the facilities. Should you find yourself uncomfortable after trying this our for awhile you can always request moving to a different room/floor/hall but we cannot make guarantees about placing you exactly where you want after move-in, although we will certainly do our best.

–You are trans and a (fill in the blank) major and you want to live where all the other (fill in the blank) majors live. You can certainly live in that hall. We will try to pair you with someone who stated they were comfortable living with a trans individual but, as with any roommate, the situation might not be ideal. Should that be the case Occupancy Management will work with you on possible solutions.

–Do you want to be involved in a Residential Area Program (RAP) but still live in Spectrum? You can do this. You do not need to live in the RAP hall to take part in the RAP. You will want to talk to Occupancy Management about this so they can ensure you are included.

–I am worried about being roomed with a transphobic or homophobic roommate. While we try to screen roommates about their comfort living with an LGBTQ identified person there are occassions where roommates are uncomfortable with each other. If the situation cannot be resolved or you feel harassed or unsafe, Occupancy Management will work with you to resolve the situation. Several options are available for these situations and we will explain them should this situation come up.

–Are you a returning student and looking for gender neutral housing where people of different genders may live in the same room? The top floor of Will Vill East is set up for gender inclusive housing and the entire building has gender neutral restrooms on each floor. Freshman may also live in the hall and you should contact Occupancy Management to pursue this option.

–Do you still have questions about housing and what things are really like? Contact Morgan Seamont at 303-492-7218 or and he will be happy to answer any questions.

Student Groups

CU has student groups for those that identify within the LGBTQ+ community, such as bisexual, aromantic/asexual, queer and trans people of color (QTPOC), LGBT students of faith, international LGBTQ+ students, gay and straight alliance and out in science, technology, engineering and math (OSTEM), pluse more. Please visit Buff Connect and search using the above terms to learn more.

Out and Allied in STEM

This project is designed to foster connection between LGBTQ students and faculty, staff, post-docs and grad students in the STEM fields. Knowing that there are out students, staff and faculty can help with retention of LGBTQ students. 


Trans-run and trans-specific suicide hotline information to share.