The Extended Mind at Twenty-Five

38th Annual Boulder Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science

August 24--26, 2023, University of Colorado, Boulder 

Keynote Speakers: David Chalmers and Andy Clark

The 38th Annual Boulder Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science is ‘TXM@25 - The Extended Mind at Twenty-Five’. It will be held on campus at UC-Boulder, August 24–26, 2023. This event celebrates the 25th anniversary of the publication of Andy Clark and David Chalmers’s enormously influential paper “The Extended Mind” and features keynote lectures by Clark and Chalmers, as well as sixteen other talks. The purpose of the event is to evaluate and build upon extended and situated approaches to mind and cognition.

‘TXM@25’ simultaneously serves as this year’s Morris Colloquium on Philosophy. It is made possible by financial support from UC-Boulder’s Committee on the History and Philosophy of Science, UC-Boulder’s Morris Fund, UC-Boulder’s Institute of Cognitive Science, and the Volkswagen Foundation. It is co-organized by Tobias Schlicht (Ruhr University, Bochum) and Rob Rupert (UC-Boulder). For more information, contact the organizers, at or . There is no registration fee for attendance, and all are welcome, but we ask those who plan to attend to register in advance by contacting Firuze Mullaoglu .

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