Fall, 2022

36th-Annual Boulder Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience: Content, Self, and Cognitive Ontology 

CU Boulder's beautiful main campus

Tentative Keynotes: Adina Roskies (Dartmouth), Rosa Cao (Stanford), and Michael Anderson (Western U., Ontario)


Advances in cognitive neuroscience promise to shed light on matters of longstanding philosophical interest, including the nature of the self and the content of thought and perception. At the same time, cognitive neuroscience, as a discipline, is the subject of much philosophical interest. What notion of mental representation, if any, does successful cognitive neuroscience presuppose? What methodological difficulties must be overcome by a flourishing cognitive neuroscience? How should we characterize local structures and mechanisms in the brain? Moreover, cognitive neuroscience provides a fertile ground for the exploration of more general questions about methodology and scientific processes, for example, to do with the nature of explanation or causal intervention. This conference will provide a venue for the interdisciplinary discussion of all of these issues and more.

Those who hold faculty positions need submit only an abstract of 500-1000 words. Graduate students should submit full-length papers (3000-4000 words). All submissions should be prepared for blind review and sent as email attachments in pdf format to robert.rupert@colorado.edu by June 1, 2022. Acceptances will be announced by July 1, 2022.

Graduate stipend: Graduate students are encouraged to submit a paper; those whose papers are accepted will receive a stipend of $100 to help offset travel expenses.

If you have any other questions, please contact the organizer, Rob Rupert (robert.rupert@colorado.edu).


  • The easiest way to get to Boulder from DIA is by bus (AB route).
    • The stop for campus is Broadway and Euclid (Hellems is a 2 minute walk from there).
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  • Boulderado
  • Boulder Inn (Participants receive a discounted "CHPS" conference rate of $174/night); Note that this is different from the Boulder University Inn
  • There are many lovely AirBnbs as well.