Experience Exceptional Advising Support on Your Path to Professional School

In Continuing Education at the University of Colorado Boulder, we offer individual pre-health advising to active nondegree students who are preparing to apply to professional school. We delight in working with nontraditional students; our students range in age from their early 20s to their 40s and beyond. Some of our students have been interested in a career in the healthcare field from a young age, but were unable to pursue that path at a younger age due to life circumstances. Most originally embarked on a different career path altogether, only to develop an interest in a career in healthcare at a later age.  

If you are a degree-seeking student in need of pre-health advising, please visit CU Boulder's Office of Pre-Health Advising website.

Our pre-health advisors in Continuing Education work with current and former* students enrolled in our structured, cohort-based Post-Baccalaureate Health Professions program and those enrolled as Individually Designed post-baccalaureate students, which offers a flexible, personalized approach to completing prerequisite coursework. We are proud of our students' outstanding application success rates into clinical programs. We provide a high level of individualized support to our pre-health students, including:

  • Feedback on your current areas of strength and weakness as a prospective applicant to professional school.
  • Referrals to appropriate activities that will enhance your candidacy.
  • Resources, support, and options should you encounter a setback on the pre-health path.
  • Individualized assistance with preparing strong application materials for professional school admission.
  • Expert preparation for interviews at professional schools.

In addition to working with our pre-health advisors in individual advising appointments, you will be invited to participate in group workshops on topics such as: 

  • Crash Course in Biomedical Ethics
  • How to Get Involved in Research and How to Get the Most Out of It
  • Preparing for the Application Process
  • Choosing a Strategic List of Schools
  • Multiple Mini Interview Practice Sessions

* Former students are eligible to continue to work with our pre-health advisors in Continuing Education if they completed at least 18 credit hours of BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics, and math) courses as a nondegree student at CU Boulder.