The NSI team support faculty in areas of particular campus research strength relevant to national security, offering services in both pre-award and post-award phases of research projects:

Program Management

  • Coordinate the required sponsored project staff support for PIs in the areas of proposal development, contracting, compliance, and intellectual property
  • Schedule and facilitate program reviews, updates, and required reporting
  • Track and facilitate required deliverables
  • Provide guidance, templates, and tools
  • Coordinate follow-on opportunities

Contact: Heather ShockerJacob Shepherd


Proposal Development

  • Engage key industry and government partners
  • Identify new funded research opportunities
  • Facilitate proposal development

Contact: Amy Hoak



  • Ensure compliance with FAR/DFARS, export control and CUI regulations
  • Facilitate restricted research approval and compliance
  • Facilitate compliance with physical and cybersecurity requirements

Contact: Heather Shocker



  • Advise on contract strategy/type
  • Draft, negotiate, and manage FAR-based contracts and related non-monetary agreements
  • Serve as signature authority for National Security contracts

Contact: Sean Owens