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We are always looking for ways to connect CU Boulder students with professional opportunities.  From internships to externships to research projects, you can find opportunities here.

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Current Student Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Summer Internship: Hypersonics Workforce Development


The Department of Defense is interested in studying approaches to graduate education for the topic of Hypersonics that involves very high-speed air vehicles. Hypersonics is an example of a niche technical area that has suddenly become of great interest. It is an area that has a need to educate a large number of students and people already in the workforce in a short space of time.

The Center for National Security Initiatives (NSI) at CU Boulder is seeking to hire three (3) undergraduate interns who will work on three aspects of this problem: 

  1. Document the design and experience of a Graduate Certificate in Hypersonics that was established at the University of Colorado in 2021; 
  2. Survey other Graduate Certificate programs across U.S. universities in hypersonics and in other similar technical fields; and 
  3. Survey the Hypersonics workforce needs of industry and government

Internship details:

  • 11 weeks, 40 hours per week at $20/hour
  • Can work at the Center for National Security Initiatives or remote
  • Must be completed over the summer term at CU Boulder
  • Interns must be US citizens (sponsor requirement)

Application details:

  • Please submit a resume and cover letter outlining your qualifications and interest in the NSI internship. Your materials should connect to both the internship and NSI overall.
  • Submit your application to Tasha Abbott, Operations Manager at NSI, at

Closed Opportunities

Designing for Defense (D4D) Course

Designing for Defense is a semester-long course at leading United States universities that provides United States Department of Defense (DoD) leaders with the opportunity to collaborate with talented student teams to develop innovative solutions to their most pressing national security problems. This course is run in collaboration with many U.S. national security organizations that connect university students with impactful DoD problems.

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