Calvin Chan
Senior Principal Research Associate
Microelectronics & Cyber Security

Dr. Calvin Chan is a Senior Principal Research Associate and Lead of the Microelectronics and Cyber Security Program at the Center for National Security Initiatives. His work has spanned the entire range of the microelectronics lifecycle, from basic materials and device research to applied systems and technical evaluations. He is often called upon by national security and defense stakeholders to assemble and lead agile teams that can quickly research new phenomena and evaluate new technologies for acquisition, integration, deployment, and security.

Dr. Chan is also a Research Professor in Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at CU Boulder. His research centers on the physics of energy transfer (which underlies information transfer) through physical systems. This includes developing materials, devices, imaging modalities, and characterization techniques for power generation, sensor systems, and secure/resilient microelectronics. Calvin is an active leader in the IEEE Symposium for Hardware Security and Trust and the American Physical Society.