Jody Slavick
Research Associate • Literacy Squared
School of Education

Jody Slavick is a research associate for the University of Colorado Boulder and the director of professional development for the Literacy Squared project. Jody’s early career included roles as a dual language coach, district ESL/dual language resource teacher, middle school ESL and Spanish language arts teacher, elementary bilingual teacher, preschool bilingual developer, and adult ESL teacher. Jody completed the BUENO center’s dual endorsement program in 2008 to obtain her master’s degree in bilingual special education. She then received her Ph.D. through the Equity, Bilingualism, and Biliteracy program at CU Boulder. She currently manages professional development for Literacy Squared, working with educators across the country to implement holistic biliteracy. Her research interests include the design and implementation of bilingual/dual language programs, strategies to promote biliteracy, bilingual teacher advocacy, and preparing teachers to work with emerging bilingual students.