Deena Gumina
TILDE Project Director • Assistant Teaching Professor
School of Education

Dr. Deena Gumina is a Project Director for the BUENO Center and an Assistant Teaching
Professor for the Equity, Bilingualism and Biliteracy Department in the School of Education at
the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Gumina’s research interests include bilingual education,
teacher education and advocacy, as well as educational policy. Specifically, she explores how
teachers can agentively engage the complex interaction of language and high-stakes
accountability policies. She teaches Undergraduate and Master’s level courses that focus on
Biliteracy Instruction, Language Acquisition, English Language Development, Foundations of
Bilingual and Multicultural Education and Family and Community Engagement.

Dr. Gumina currently serves as Director of the TILDE (Teachers Improving Learning in Dual
Education) Project at the BUENO center. The TILDE project is a is a National Professional
Development (NPD) funded project offered by the Office of English Language Acquisition
(OELA) at the U.S. Department of Education. Through TILDE, bilingual educators earned their
Master’s Degrees in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity while also earning a CLD-
Bilingual Specialist teaching endorsement. The project is in its’ final year and has successfully
graduated over 50 bilingual teachers who work in bilingual classrooms in Denver Public