Published: May 7, 2024

BUENO CAMP visits Auraria Campus and Su TeatroAt the end of March, the BUENO CAMP cohort spent class on a field trip to Denver for a unique experience of the city. Throughout the year the BUENO CAMP scholars partake in various excursions, some informational, some cultural experiences, some are teambuilding and leadership training—this one happened to be all of the above. The first stop was the Auraria campus where the students got a tour of the space that houses the Metropolitan State University Denver, the University of Colorado Denver and the Community of College Denver. This is the fourth campus visit for the CAMPers after having enjoyed visits to the University of Colorado Boulder, and Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado in the fall. Because BUENO CAMP scholars begin their post secondary career at the community college, many wish to transfer to a state college or university after earning the Associate’s degree. By far the two most popular transfer universities are the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and MSU Denver. Visiting the college campuses is a great way to open the students eyes to what life would be like if they were to transfer. BUENO CAMP scholar Alicia Vazquez states that the Auraria Campus was a great place for a potential transfer destination, explaining “the campus gave me great community vibes. Even though it is three campuses in one setting, it feels like one community.”

The next stop on our trip was the local restaurant, Tacos Selene, who took great care of us, being able to serve the nearly 30 hungry, BUENO CAMP mob, in their taco shop. This setting was not only great for the meal, but the birthday parties as we celebrated five birthdays from the scholarship group from that week alone. Alicia explains that these meal gatherings are just as important for these excursions stating “It’s nice to convivir, BUENO CAMP is our community and this feels like a family dinner for us. Plus the food was 10 out of 10!”

BUENO CAMP visits Auraria Campus and Su TeatroOur final stop was Su Teatro, who were performing the play “Cuarenta y Ocho,” a performance set in Boulder, Colorado, during the Chicano Movement of the early 1970s. This performance plays special significance, not just because it is a tribute to Los Seis de Boulder, the young Chicano activists and University of Colorado Boulder students who were martyred after losing their lives in two separate, unexplained car explosions. In addition, proceeds from these performances went on to support the Los Seis de Boulder Scholarship, which is spearheaded by the BUENO Center. CAMP Assistant Director Jessely Chaparro shares this scholarship is important because it “sheds light on these students who gave their lives for the Chicano movement and it’s important to keep their story and memory alive.” Christopher “Danny” Lopez, BUENO CAMP scholar, shares that going to the play was beneficial for multiple reasons saying the play was “an insight on that time in history, but also a good bonding experience for our fellow students in CAMP. I appreciate that Su Teatro is supporting the scholarship.”

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BUENO CAMP visits Auraria Campus and Su Teatro.   BUENO CAMP visits Auraria Campus and Su Teatro