Daniel Glick is co-founder of The Story Group, a multimedia journalism company based in Boulder and a former Ted Scripps fellow. He served as one of the editors of the 2014 National Climate Assessment, and The Story Group independently produced a series of climate change videos about the report’s findings. Dan has published in more than 50 national and international periodicals, including National Geographic, Smithsonian, Rolling Stone, PARADE, The Weekend Australian, and Harpers.

From 1989 - 2001, he served as a Newsweek Washington correspondent and roving Rocky Mountain special correspondent. He has also worked as a private investigator looking into the death of an American gay man in Australia, a story that was highlighted in the New York Times in February 2016. His second book, Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids and a Journey to the Ends of the Earth, was published in June 2003 by Public Affairs and won a Colorado Book Award. Glick is also the author of Powder Burn: Arson, Money and Mystery on Vail Mountain, and contributed a chapter on climate change science to The Last Polar Bear. In 2006 he was named a Knight International Press Fellow and taught journalism in Algeria.

For more about his books and magazine work, visit his website, danielglick.net, or The Story Group's website, thestorygroup.org.