Published: Oct. 19, 2020

  1. Call to Order   

  2. Roll Call

Present: Hayden, Anuja, Christina Chambers, Jhossep, Tania, Jemil 


Excused: Bennett, Thy

Late: Kennedy, Maya, Chidera (class)

Absent: Chidera 


  1. Open Hearing


  1. Approval of the Minutes


  1. Approval of the Agenda


  1. New Business

    1. New member application review and interviews- October 5th

      1. 4 Applications so far! Please review when you have time

      2. Review for October 5th

      3. Interviews for October 12th 

      4. Recommendation for interviewing all candidates then putting those who did not make this semester on call for next semester application

      5. Should we extend the deadline?

        1. Move conversation to a different time

      6. Inform Anuja how many applicants received by October 1st, then deadline will be talked about

      7. 48 hour reminder

    2. Pushing meeting times back to 6:30-6:45?

  2. Old Business

    1. Second Funding Cycle

      1. SHPE and UMAS y MECHA “ACTIVATE SLAM Poetry Workshops & Open Mic,” November 7th-9th (20 min) - Anuja and Thy

        1. Questions

          1. We might have missed this in your last hearing, but who will be editing the video of the workshop?

        2. Answers

          1. Video editing service:

          2. Advertising: We plan to put our event on: 

Buff Bulletin ; General E-memo:

o Visit the CSI Office and send out a campus-wide email

● CU Events Calendar

o Submit your event to

● Facebook Ads to boost out Event

● Facebook Events

● Instagram Ads (through Facebook Ads)

o Construct an eye-catching Poster (Must be approved first by CEB)

o Post them around campus (not anymore), the Hill, and Pearl St. for maximum exposure.

● Eventbrite Event

  • BOLD Newsletter

  • SHPE and Umas y Mecha Newsletters

  • Sharing with other Student Orgs to share with their members   

  • Posting the Video of the Open Mic Night on Youtube after the event and getting people to share it!

        1. Budgetary Questions

          1. Is using Eventbrite for the purpose of advertising or counting attendees for the event?

          2. Did you confirm with the guest that videocording the event is okay?

          3. Postering in-person is still ok, as long as you are following public + University health regulations.

            1. Will people be seeing the advertising? Is it worth it?

          4. Are you using Eventbrite to make sure the event is secure?

          5. What social media should be used to advertise to CU students?

            1. Instagram

            2. Facebook

            3. Tik Tok (?)

          6. Is there a possibility to use the CU Zoom license? Is it possible to use the $40 to add an extra 100 for a total of $40?

            1. Can you check with OIT for prices and what we can do?

        2. Budget Breakdown + Quotes

          1. Advertising

            1. Facebook Advertising - $300.00 - $300.00

            2. Flyers on Campus - $200.00 - $200.00

          2. Contract & Licensing

            1. Zoom license - $400.00 - $0.00

            2. Gabriel Ramirez Workshop - $4,975.00 - $4,975.00

          3. Services

            1. Video Editing - $500.00 - $360.00

          4. Total: $6,375.00 - $5,835.00

        3. Motion to bundle the total for the requested services for SHPE and UMAS y MECHA’s “Activate SLAM Poetry Workshops & Open Mic” event.

          1. 5 - 1 - 0

          2. Motion passes 

        4. Motion to approve CEB funding $5,835.00 for SHPE and UMAS y MECHA’s “Activate SLAM Poetry Workshops & Open Mic” event.

          1. 5- 1 - 0

          2. Motion passes

    1. Elijah McClain Event

      1. Updates

        1. In process of building a team and will get portfolios hopefully by the end of the week

        2. Carson is the GOAT for making sure we stay at or under budget (reminder we agreed on $50-$1,800, but we told Carson $2500-$3000)

          1. About 15 hours of post production work 

        3. Moving forward with securing Macky as our filming location

          1. Possibility of bringing Macky employees gifts for helping

            1. We cannot give gifts, but we can give honorariums (?)

            2. Possibility of pitching?

          2. No gifts

          3. Can contract out for sound

        4. Note that we do not need to provide masks or hand sanitizer

        5. We cannot conduct event without a mask

        6. We will have to wait to see about the parameters of gathering in person 

          1. Then decide on date

        7. Have we reached out to BSA?

          1. Due to lack of plan, we can include them in the future

          2. Offer something to them with parameters, such as involving 2 people

  1. Officer Reports

    1. Advisor(s)

      1. Still waiting for the PL contract to be finalized.

      2. Meeting with SR on Wednesday (9/30) at 2pm for PL event

      3. Sent Tania and Maya documents for marketing PL event

      4. Sent the exec team 1 on 1 invites for this week

      5. Finance Board Meeting for the CEB Quarter 1 Report will be either October 20th or October 27th

        1. Fyi for Anuja

    2. Leg Council

      1. Absent

    3. CUSG Liaison 

      1. Still working on it

    4. Webmaster

      1. No updates

    5. Social Media Coordinator

      1. Maya and I are starting marketing materials for October event

      2. Application message on Insta

      3. Anything random needs designed? Give me a hit up

      4. One on one

      5. DM orgs our funding cycle link directly- Jemil send Tania the link + the org list

    6. Student Outreach Coordinator

      1. Will go live tomorrow with funding cycle

      2. Will post on CUSG website

      3. Begin reviewing applications

    7. Speakers Coordinator

      1. Absent

    8. Assistant Speakers Coordinator

      1. Pero Like Event Ideas

        1. YouTube watch party

        2. Zoom Event

        3. Possible combo events with UMAS y MECHA, BSA, Multicultural Greek Life

        4. Date (?) Can collaborate DSCC, on a Tuesday

        5. Pick a video and then have a discussion

    9. Marketing Coordinator

      1. No updates!

    10. Secretary/Historian

      1. Meeting with Christina Wednesday!

    11. Chair

      1. No updates :)


  1. Adjourn - 7:22pm