Programs like CU Boulder's Catalyze CU accelerator would not be possible without the generous contributions of our partners. Partnership dollars have enabled us to help promising student, faculty and staff ventures, while helping fund the operations of the program.  

Want to be a Catalyze CU partner?
If you are a business or individual interested in being a Catalyze CU partner, please contact for more information.

Give a Tax-Deductible Donation or Gift

Catalyze CU welcomes personal or corporate gifts in support of the program. Gifts support the program in a variety of ways, from grants to participating companies to materials, events, and compensation for the Catalyze leadership team. We welcome donors at all of our events and enjoy highlighting the support at the annual Demo Day. 

Sponsor a Catalyze CU Startup

Corporate or personal gifts can go straight to sponsoring Catalyze CU companies. Targeted gifts or sponsorship are welcome. We look forward to working with you to connect on various levels of involvement in our program, based on your wishes. All sponsorship can be considered as a tax-deductible gift to the university. 

Mentor a Catalyze CU Startup

At Catalyze CU, we are exceptionally proud of our strong mentor network. Our mentors work together with teams typically in a variety of ways from 1:1 meetings to workshops highlighting mentor expertise. Mentors are the key component of our networking events, which benefit our companies and allow mentors to connect with one another. Mentoring at Catalyze CU provides you the opportunity to guide new entrepreneurs as they get their businesses off the ground.