PAIR Virtual Stylist pair icon

PAIR is an artificially intelligent personal stylist in your pocket, coming soon to your mobile device! PAIR's data-driven affiliate marketing platform significantly increases conversion rates for fashion companies by personalizing its AI Stylist to your style.


Internalyzeinternalyze logo

Internalyze is a 12-week online sales and emotional intelligence bootcamp, built to help underrepresented communities break into sales in high-demand industries without prior experience, while increasing diversity within their partner companies.


Kegstandkegstand logo

Kegstand designed the keg of the future, offering kegs that are 40% lighter than the traditional keg to help cut down distribution costs and reduce environmental impacts, while designed with preserving beer quality in mind.


Soulutions Techsoulutions logo

Soulutions Tech is developing a low-profile, easy to use, and readily accessible medical device to support people affected by hypophonia in the Parkinson's Disease community. 


Spore Notesspore logo

Spore Notes is the fastest way to capture inspiration. Designed for business, Spore offers lightning fast notes, decision-free organization, and can integrate with all of your favorite tools. 


Carepenguincarepenguin logo

CarePenguin brings peace of mind to families with elderly loved ones living independently through non-invasively and inexpensively monitoring their well being by detecting anomalies in their water usage patterns.