Boulder Sun LogoBoulder Sun  

Boulder Sun makes natural food products using sunflower seeds. Their first product is sunflower seed milk, a vegan, and allergen-free treat while saving water during the growing and harvesting process. They have their product on the shelves in 4 stores around the Boulder area.



EdBoard makes it easy to learn about electronics with their low-cost breadboard for use in the home or the classroom. Teachers or parents can change the EdBoard design in seconds, creating a fun way for children to build new circuits and spark their creativity.


Hearth LogoHearth

Every home has rooms that either run too hot or too cold for comfort. Hearth is solving this problem with a smart vent system that allows you to control airflow throughout the home, giving you personalized comfort through room by room temperature control.



QuoalaCode LogoQuoala Code

Quality assurance during mobile app development can be like a game of whack-a-mole, always trying to find new bugs before pushing your application live, so you’re not bombarded with negative reviews. Quoala Code makes QA safe and simple using their machine learning platform for bug detection, saving time and money for mobile developers.


MindScribe LogoMindScribe

MindScribe combines principles of early childhood education, neuroscience, and computer science to create an engaging experience, helping young children learn, develop and retain language skills. The MindScribe team have already been testing their product in schools and childcare centers in Colorado, California and even Japan.


Noble Roots LogoNoble Roots

Noble Roots Kitchen is a healthy snack company with a local impact. In addition to selling snack boxes with local, healthy, and allergy-friendly food to businesses, they also work with local non-profits to address the issue of food deserts, bringing affordable and healthy food options to families around Colorado.


Uzio Logo


The way that farmers protect their livestock hasn’t changed in hundreds of years – it’s still a fence that the farmer hopes stays secure throughout wind and storms. Uzio has developed a solar-powered electric fence for farmers, that keeps them in the know by sending push notifications in case animals are touching the fence or it falls over during a storm. Their system is simple to use and move, making it easier for farmers to do rotational grazing, a more environmentally sustainable approach to raising livestock.