Director: Bhuvana Narasimhan

Bhuvana Narasimhan is Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Colorado Boulder. She conducts crosslinguistic corpus-based and experimental research in child language acquisition, the language-cognition interface, and semantics/pragmatics. 

She has co-edited a volume, Events of Putting and Taking (with Anetta Kopecka, John Benjamins, 2012) as well as special issues in journals, The Acquisition of Information Structure (with Christine Dimroth, Special Issue of Linguistics Vanguard, 2018) and The Linguistic Encoding of Multiple-Participant Events (with Sonja Eisenbeiss and Penelope Brown, Special Issue of Linguistics, 2007).

Current projects include research on the acquisition of spatial language, space-number mappings, and perception verbs. 


CARTSS Steering Committee Members: 2018 - 2019

Rachel Rinaldo - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Anne-Barrie Hunter - Co-Director, Ethnography & Evaluation Research (CARTSS)

Joshua Strayhorn -  Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Jennifer Fluri - Associate Professor, Department of Geography

Sarah Kurnick - Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

Jeronimo Carballo - Assistant Professor, Department of Economics