CADSWES offers five different RiverWare training classes. Most are held live, online since COVID-19 began. We offer onsite training sessions as well as customized classes as needed. Below are recent and upcoming RiverWare training sessions.
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RiverWare Training Classes, June 26 - 30, 2023

Choose from three live, instructor-led classes, via Zoom.

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RiverWare training classes, March 6 - 10, 2023

Three live, instructor lead, via Zoom classes were offered. The Simulation and Rulebased Simulations class was March 6 - 10, 2023. This course is a combination of RiverWare's two most commonly used solution techniques - Simulation and Rulebased Simulation. See more details on the class offerings page.

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Water Accounting in RiverWare Training Class, February 7 - 10, 2023

This instructor lead, online live training class was held via Zoom. There are prerequisites to attend. Contact us if you question your qualifications at

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Customized Training for Eastern Nile River Basin Professionals, May 2021

On May 18–26, 2021, about 25 technical experts from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia participated in live virtual training on RiverWare and its application to the Nile Basin RiverWare Model. The training was delivered jointly by CADSWES and Oxford University and will assist regional experts in the planning and execution of sustainable management of the Eastern Nile River Basin.

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Introduction to Simulation Training Class, March 10–12, 2020

Held live via Zoom. For first-time or novice users of RiverWare.

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Water Accounting in RiverWare Class, May 12–15, 2020

Held live via Zoom. For users who want to model water ownership, water type or water rights. Prerequisites are: Introduction to Simulation and Rulebased Simulation.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes will be held online via Zoom.

RiverWare training classes continue in an instructor-led online format via Zoom. Attendees are sent meeting information after registering.

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Rulebased Simulation Class, September 25–27, 2019

Held in-person at CADSWES. For users who want to use rule logic to drive modeling solutions. Prerequisite is: Introduction to Simulation.


Optimization Class, June 12–14, 2019

Held in-person at CADSWES. For users who want to use the optimization solver to determine best solutions for defined objectives. Prerequisite is: Rulebased Simulation.

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Customized Training for Sri Lanka Modelers and Stakeholders, 2018

Five modelers from the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and their stakeholder water users attended a one-week “Advanced River System Modeling with RiverWare” customized training session, February 26–March 2, 2018, at CADSWES. Also in attendance was a consultant from Lahmeyer International, who has been building...