Published: Dec. 3, 2012


“My talk will be on a fundamental shift from ontology to “otology” a propos the notion of genuine hearing/listening, in Heidegger and his “friends,” Kaja Silverman, Derrida and Nancy.” – Paul Gordon

Paul Gordan has taught at the University of Colorado since shortly after receiving his Ph.D. from the Department of Comparative Literature at Yale, where he studied with Paul de Man, J. Hillis Miller, Shoshana Felman and others. Since then he has been developing his interest in theories of literature through studies in psychoanalysis, film, music, and painting as well as in the continued study of literary theory and the general hermeneutic question of how one “reads” art and literature.

His primary interests are in the relationship between art, literature and philosophy. In his writing and teaching he follows the Heideggerian notion of truth as the “happening” of truth in which the work of art becomes the locus of its own unique paradigm of questions and answers. His research involves the study of figuration (the “critical double”), tragedy (“rapturous superabundance”), psychoanalysis and, currently, the relationship between art and metaphysic (the “absolute”).



BOOKS: Dial M for Mother: A Freudian HitchcockTragedy After Nietzsche: Rapturous AbundanceThe Critical Double Figurative Meaning in Aesthetic Discourse, foreward by J. Hillis Miller,

ARTICLES: “Words Words Words: The Un-Usual Suspects.” Proceedings of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature (in Press), Illustration of J. Hillis Miller.” Word and Image 24/1 (2006)., “Oedipal Echo-Effects.” Kill Bill I/II. Under Review., “Revis(ion)ing Freud’s Medusa: On Castration and the C-Word.” Under Review.


ACCOLADES: Boulder Faculty Assembly Teaching Award, Spring 2008.