EBIO Workshops

In Spring 2021, academic advisor Manuela Mejía and the EBIO department ran a workshop series to better connect and support EBIO students.

EBIO Careers

This workshop concentrated on some of the different career paths EBIO students will have upon the completion of the degree. We partnered with Career Services (Evan Ferg) and EBIO faculty members (Dr. Nichole Barger and Dr. Laura Dee) to best support this conversation, as well as bring different examples of positions that EBIO students are more than qualified to apply to. We discussed topics such as:

  • How to look for jobs in the field.

  • Look at some examples of jobs and how to magnify your academic and non-academic experiences.

  • Discuss different career paths.

  • How to better connect with Career Services.


EBIO Graduate Programs

This workshop concentrated on the different graduate degrees (research vs. non-research) EBIO students could be a part of. Joining us were EBIO faculty members Drs. Nichole Barger, Teresa Bilinski, and Stephanie Mayer. We discussed different questions such as:

  • What are the differences between a Master's and a Ph.D.?

  • What can you get out of a research-based graduate degree?

  • What are some things to consider when looking for graduate programs in the field of biology?


EBIO Academics, Research, and Internships

This workshop concentrated on providing information and resources related to both academic and non-academic opportunities EBIO students can have, with a particular emphasis on research and internships. Joining us were several EBIO faculty members ( Drs. Nichole Barger, Harrison Carpenter, and Nancy Emery) and two EBIO students. We discussed:

  • What are internships and how to apply for them?

  • Off-campus opportunities (e.g. REU)

  • What is research and how to connect with EBIO Labs?

  • Research grants