Published: Aug. 14, 2023

See below for more details on this research assistant opportunity:

Cesar Hinojo, former postdoc at University at Arizona and now researcher at Universidad de Sonora in Mexico, is looking for some field help with forest surveys at the Enquist Lab Macrosystem forest plots at the MRS.

We are hiring up to 4 persons to help in fieldwork around the weeks of August 21th or 28th, and will last for one or two weeks. The fieldwork consists of conducting a forest survey in some forest plots located at the Mountain Research Station, near Nederland, CO (and Boulder). The pay is about $15/hour but can be negotiable and we can help with transportation expenses. The duties are simple, so no specific experience, skills or formation needed (although may be appreciated), just a good mood towards fieldwork and being in the forest is required. The time for work is flexible but mostly morning oriented, from about 8-2 pm; later the rains and lightnings make it a bit dangerous. This will be an exciting and fun research experience monitoring the demography of the forest!

Please reach out to Cesar via text message to 5204220627, or via email at (please leave your phone number if you contact him via email).