Published: Sept. 13, 2022

Please join us for the IPHT Internship and Research Opportunities Fair September 14th, 2022 from 1 pm to 4 pm at the Student Rec Center: Ice Overlook Large Meeting Room.

You can learn about:

  • Research opportunities
  • Bachelors Accelerated Masters Program
  • Internship opportunities
  • Honors Program
  • And much more!

Participating Organizations:

  • Boulder Community Health, Tom Dueber
  • Boulder Medical Center, P.C., Erica Meislahn
  • CU Biology Advising, Adam Dane & Dawn Fettig
  • CU Education Abroad, Steven Rose
  • CU EMS Club, Samantha Stone
  • CU Health Promotion Public Health, Jennifer Kovarik
  • CU Nutrition Buffs, Tova Burton
  • CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center Physical Therapy, Calvin Cook
  • CU Sports Medicine Student Internship Program, Nicholas Cromidas
  • CU Student Athletic Training Internship Program, Marcus Wirth
  • Gates Center of Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Joe Brzezinski & Dr. Jane Rech
  • IPHY Anatomy Dissection Internship, Dr. Steve Hobbs
  • IPHY Bachelor’s Accelerated Master’s Program, Brandon Michieli
  • IPHY Club, Heidi Bustamante
  • IPHY Honor’s Program, Dr. Tammy Maldonado
  • IPHY Internship for Credit Program, Dr. Jia Shi
  • IPHY Physiology of Aging Laboratory, Dr. Dan Craighead
  • IPHY Sleep and Development Laboratory, Jonah Wilson
  • IPHY UROP and Independent Study, Dr. Maureen Floriano
  • M3Kinections, Kristen Rubow
  • Terry Chiropractic Boulder, Dr. Alexander Duff