Published: Jan. 5, 2022

We've made the decision to run the Brazil Global Seminar (EBIO/ENVS 4340) virtually this May, given continuing concerns with Covid.  We have extended the deadline to enroll until March 1st! 

The virtual program last May was a success, with positive feedback from students (and FCQ results high as in previous years).  A couple of quotes from last year's students regarding the virtual course are in the online brochure (, under Overview and Academics tabs).  Several students mentioned that the lower cost of the virtual program made it possible for them to take the course, giving them an "overseas" experience they would not otherwise have been able to afford.

"I was very impressed with the course. I learned a ton and took so much away from this class even with it being virtual. The speakers from different Brazilian conservation organizations were fantastic and it was amazing to learn from such knowledgeable and wonderful people in the field doing real conservation work."

"Other students from last year also mentioned that being virtual made the program affordable, otherwise they would not have been able to take the class:  "I am so happy that this course was made accessible to me by being virtual."

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