Published: Dec. 8, 2021

U.S. Geological Survey

National Climate Adaptation Science Center and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASC)

Climate Adaptation Scientists of Tomorrow (CAST) Program

Undergraduate Research Experience


To advance climate adaptation science and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM fields, the Climate Adaptation Scientists of Tomorrow Program brings undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty together with CASC partners to cultivate the next generation of climate scientists.


Program Locations:

·                 Auburn University: Located in Auburn, Alabama, participants in this program will focus on climate impacts on water systems in the Gulf of Mexico upland watersheds. Each student will be paired with two faculty mentors and a graduate-student mentor to provide guidance throughout the summer. In addition to undertaking their own research, participants will share programming with participants at Louisiana State University and participate in a culminating research symposium.

·                 Louisiana State University: Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, participants at this location will focus their research on climate impacts on the water systems of coastal environments. Mentoring will be provided by faculty scholars and a cohort of graduate students. In addition to undertaking their own research, participants will share programming with participants at Auburn University and participate in a culminating research symposium in Auburn, Alabama.

·                 University of Colorado, Boulder: Located in Boulder, Colorado, participants at this location will partner with regional Tribal Colleges and Universities to advance inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in climate adaptation science. Undergraduates will receive one-to-one mentorship from an on-campus graduate student and faculty member. The participants will work with identified mentors to identify relevant research projects and engage with other on-campus programs to gain experience in the field.

·                 University of Massachusetts Amherst: Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, participants will join a center with existing programs to expand the perspectives in climate adaptation research. The undergraduates will receive mentoring from other undergraduate programs, dedicated graduate students, and faculty scientists. In consultation with faculty, the participants to contribute to existing research projects focused on invasion ecology, biogeography, coastal hazards or climate change ecology.


Undergraduate Research Experience, Features and Benefits: 

  • Build your climate science skills, training, and development for two years  
  • Join a cohort of 12 undergraduate students with common interests across the U.S.  
  • Lead an undergraduate research project in your area of interest at a leading university 
  • Build strong professional partnerships with a scientist-mentor, graduate students, and faculty scholars 
  • Engage in university programs to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Participate in trainings to prepare for a career in climate adaptation science 



  • Participants must be enrolled as a student, full-time, at an accredited academic institution (community college, college, or university) 
  • Participants must be rising sophomores or juniors 
  • Participants must be in good academic standing (GPA 3.0 or higher) 
  • Students from populations historically underrepresented in the sciences are especially encouraged to apply 


Financial Considerations: 

  • Program provides 10 weeks of room and board for two summers 
  • Program provides a stipend for two summers (depends on location, minimum of $3,500 per summer) 
  • Program provides funds for round-trip travel to site 
  • Medical/health insurance is not provided  


Applications must be submitted by 5:00PM EST on Monday, December 20, 2021. Apply Here!

For questions, please contact: Olivia LeDee (