Published: Sept. 8, 2021
Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund provides support to CU Boulder students experiencing a crisis that could adversely affect their semester. The intent of the funding is to support students experiencing a temporary financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

The funds are limited and not intended to provide ongoing relief for recurring expenses. Not all applications will be approved, even if a student meets the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be currently experiencing an emergency as a result of COVID-19.
  • Federal Pell Grant recipients will be given priority as well as students with exceptional financial need.
  • International students and students with ASSET/DACA status are eligible to apply.
  • You must be an enrolled, degree-seeking, continuing undergraduate, graduate or professional student at CU Boulder.
  • You must be enrolled in at least one credit hour during the term for which you are applying (i.e. enrolled in summer course to get summer emergency funds
  • You must not be on academic suspension, behavioral probation or suspension.

You are strongly encouraged to complete the 21-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Read more and Apply Here.