Published: May 5, 2021

Overall Job Objective 


The Education and Outreach Representative fosters community connection to the outdoors through targeted programming. As a presence on the land, they provide visitors a wide variety of information, monitor for safety, assists with emergencies, and encourage responsible recreation. They work at a variety of venues, including staffing the Chautauqua Ranger Cottage, community events such as the Farmers’ Market, and trailheads. This position specializes in initiating contacts with people in the Boulder community as well as those visiting from afar, welcoming them and helping to build understanding about our diverse ecosystems and how we manage them. The Education and Outreach Representative also assists with recreation, youth, wellness, and accessibility programming, keeping an eye out for barriers to outdoor access and working to reduce them. Their efforts help advance many OSMP Master Plan directives. 

$17.42 - $18.35 Hourly


Apply here: Temporary Education and Outreach Representative