Published: Feb. 2, 2021

Application typically closes late February.

SEEDS Partnerships For Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Fellowship

The SPUR Fellowship is the highest honor in the SEEDS program, and fellows are encouraged to be the outstanding leaders in the future of ESA. The award supports the undergraduate student in designing and conducting an ecology research project of interest.  SEEDS has established partnerships with field stations and mentors to offer exciting summer opportunities that will be tailored to meet your interests, career objectives and growth as a scientist. For most opportunities, no prior research experiences is necessary. 

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The coming SPUR Fellowship will run from February 2021 through August 2022.  The award includes:

  1. A paid summer research or internship opportunity with a partner site with travel and research expenses covered.
  2. Participation and travel expenses to the 2021 SEEDS Leadership Meeting.
  3. Participation and travel expenses to the 2022 SEEDS Spring National Field Trip
  4. Participation and travel expenses to the 2022 ESA Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada (passport for international travel required)

The SEEDS Fellows get to experience every aspect of the SEEDS program with just one simple application! This is a fully funded fellowship – all travel experiences are covered by SEEDS and the partners.