Published: Feb. 2, 2021

Internship and volunteer opportunities for students at The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center (CWWC).

These opportunities are geared towards students pursuing an education and career in Zoology, Wildlife Biology, Animal care, Ecology, Veterinary Science or a related field such as Forestry and others.

We are an AZA certified facility (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) which allows students to earn college credits while also gaining hands on experience.

In addition, we are an SSP (Species Survival Plan) and WTA (Wildlife Trafficking Alliance) organization. 

Accpeting Interns and Non-committed Volunteers for 2021!

Our mission:

  • Educating the public through tours and education programs about the importance of wolves, coyote and fox to our ecosystem.
  • Educate the public about the importance of preservation and conversation of the forests, land, and water that support wildlife, flora, and fauna for future generations.
  • Provide natural habitats and exceptional lives for the animals entrusted to our care, since they cannot live in the wild

Some of the benefits students receive are:

  • Learning about wild canids
  • Animal husbandry/Welfare/and Management
  • Safety of animals, staff and public protocols along with CPR & First Aid classes
  • Free monthly vet classes
  • Public speaking/animal photography/computer work
  • Forest mitigation
  • Food preparation
  • And so much more…


This is a wonderful opportunity for students to get engaged in the field while continuing their education. We offer 3/6/9 month programs.


Please feel free to contact Suzanne for further information at:

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center (719) 687-9742