Published: Sept. 30, 2019

INVST ... Creating compassionate community 

with students who care about social and environmental justice


INVST is currently accepting applications! Visit our web page at to watch our video and learn more. INVST is one of the paths to earning the Leadership Studies Minor. 


Undergrads from all majors are eligible to apply. The early application deadline is November 11th


INVST is a two-year academic program that gives students tools and resources to take action in their communities on issues that matter most.


In INVST classes, CU students will experience a sense of community in the classroom. We limit our course enrollment so that we can enhance connections among students, & deepen opportunities for learning. During two Justice Summers, INVST students learn first-hand about immigration, economic justice, human rights, climate justice & sustainability by traveling with us to meet change-makers and work with them first-hand. 


In internships in the community, INVST students work with nearby non-profits on issues & problems such as mass incarceration; women's social power; food insecurity; climate change; youth voter turnout; gender justice; and immigration policy.


All the while, we practice skills like meeting facilitation, event planning, fundraising, public speaking and conflict mediation. No one usually teaches you these skills in college, but we  prepare community leaders to be effective and responsible. INVST students learn by doing. 


We also offer scholarships up to $5,000 to accepted INVST students with financial need. Dreamers are particularly encouraged to apply to INVST, since we will offer a $5,000 scholarship to a DACA recipient, to help cover tuition and life expenses. 


Apply now!

For more information, contact INVST at 303-492-8045 or