Published: March 23, 2024

The FY25 benefits change budget allocation (also known as benefits increments and decrements) is now a part of the new C-Roll (continuing budget roll forward) process for planning General Fund continuing budget allocations to start FY25.

In past years, the C-ROLL and the benefits change budget allocation were separate processes. Both processes allocate initial General Fund continuing budget to start a new fiscal year. Starting in FY25, these processes will be unified into a single streamlined workflow within the Anaplan budget tool. For more information on the new C-ROLL process and this year's General Fund continuing budget change freeze in Anaplan, please see this announcement.

The benefits change budget allocation accounts for changes to fringe benefits rates from year to year, ensuring that salary and benefits budget amounts in General Fund speedtypes are aligned according to FY25 fringe benefits rates. See FY25 Planning Parameters for FY25 fringe rates, which have been officially submitted by CU Boulder but not yet approved by DHHS.

When working in the Anaplan budget tool, campus users will see a total FY25 General Fund budget allocation figure for their unit; this total incorporates both the C-ROLL allocation and benefits change budget allocation amounts into a single figure. Campus users will indicate their starting FY25 continuing General Fund budget plan in the budget tool, ensuring that their planned total budget matches the sum of the C-ROLL and the benefits change budget allocation.

For questions on the Anaplan budget tool, please reach out to