BFP is currently offering two 60-minute training sessions: Benefits Localization and Benefits Shared Solution. Please RSVP using the form below.

Benefits Localization Training: Topics

  • Timeline and overview of the benefits localization
  • How speedtype-level financial reports will look after benefits localization in July 2020
  • How to calculate the amount of continuing benefits budget to be localized in July 2020
  • Benefits budgeting (account codes, FY21 fringe rates, etc.)
  • Converting operating funds to salary/benefits (and vice versa)

Benefits Shared Solution Training: Topics

  • Background on the Benefits Shared Solution
  • Shared Solution process and path forward
    • Existing benefits pool distribution (benefits localization--overview)
    • How central campus benefits budget supports are determined and distributed
      • DAICR 
      • Schools/colleges/research general deficits
      • Start-up and retention packages
    • Petition fund
All sessions are held on Thursdays.
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