BFP is no longer offering regular group trainings on Benefits. For further information on the topics below, or to request an ad hoc training session for your team or department selected from the topics below, please contact

Benefits Localization Update: Topics

  • Brief history of the Benefits Shared Solution
  • Benefits Localization (localization of benefits budget and expenses to the General Fund)
  • Hiring new employees (benefits implications)
  • Converting operating funds to salary/benefits (and vice versa)
  • How benefits now appear on speedtype-level financial reports in the General Fund
  • Benefits Shared Solution start-up category
  • Benefits Shared Solution Petition Fund

Financial Impacts of Furloughs/Pay Reductions: Topics

  • Background on FY21 furloughs/pay reductions
  • Impact on salary actuals
    • How furlough/pay reduction data appears on financial reports
  • FY21 temporary salary budget pullback
  • Benefits implications
    • Benefits overview
    • Automatic benefits allocation process
    • FY21 Manual benefits allocation process