Published: July 16, 2020

BFP is pleased to announce that the following journal entries for FY2021 have now posted:

  • FY2021 Initial Budget Upload
  • FY2021 Continuing Budget roll forward (C-ROLL)
  • Benefits Localization for General Fund speedtypes: as a part of the Benefits Shared Solution, continuing benefits budget has been moved from the General Fund central campus benefits pool speedtypes to local General Fund speedtypes (where corresponding amounts of continuing salary budget are located). The amount of continuing benefits budget that was localized equals FY2020 continuing salary budget multiplied by FY2021 fringe rates. For more information on the Benefits Shared Solution, please visit here, or sign up for a Benefits Localization training with BFP here.
  • FY2021 APA Continuing Budget Allocations (based on enrollment changes) and granted FY2021 APA budget requests (for additional temporary and continuing budget)

The above changes should now be visible when running FY2021 financial reports on relevant speedtypes. Please reach out to with any questions.